HEAT's business to business blockchain solutions introduces organizations to a new dimension of efficiency gains. Its adoption will set a foundation that can result in a technology-based strategic advantage. Early adopters will be in a better position to achieve industry leadership, and stay ahead of the competition.



The HEAT platform was conceived for easy integration with legacy systems, and is designed to support you in staying ahead of the game. Its value is centered around three main areas of innovation in blockchain tech.

UNLEASHED EFFICIENCY Connecting your legacy systems to a blockchain network results in greater performance, improved transparency, and reduced costs related to storage, security, and intermediaries.

DESIGNED FOR BUSINESS HEAT's proprietary blockchain technology is optimized for speed and architected for business type priavte chains. Scalability is only limited by the performance of the hardware used.

READY FOR MICRO-SERVICES HEAT's micro-services software development kit (SDK) has been designed for ease of use and flexibility when creating applications that run on top of the HEAT platform.


HEAT Ledger has been active in inspiring businesses on the efficiency gains of blockchain technology, and supporting them create solutions that add value to their operations and offering. 

Client: ABN Amro Bank, The Netherlands.

Project overview: Heat Ledger piloted a blockchain based Forex trading platform for ABN Amro Network Partnership.

HL’s role: advice on project definition, specs creation, design, implementation.

Deliverables: blockchain MVP Forex trading platform with auto liquidity provider.

Results overview: MVP was successfully provided for ABN Amro’s innovation program. 

Client: Phoenix Payments Ltd, Malta.

Project overview: Heat Ledger provided blockchain based crypto e-wallet software with IBAN integration.

HL’s role: advice on project definition, specs creation, design, implementation.

Deliverables: web based, client-side authenticated e-wallet with confidential messaging, integrated IBAN accounts, connection to bank’s backend, EUR and cryptocurrency transfers, standby for blockchain based trading platform.

Results overview: the project was specified, implemented and released to public within 6 months from signed contract.

Client: Blocktech, Finland.

Project overview: Heat Ledger produced blockchain based EUR e-wallet.

HL’s role: project definition, specs creation, design, implementation.

Deliverables: web based, client-side authenticated E-wallet with confidential messaging, EUR transfers, standby for cryptocurrency features and blockchain based trading platform.

Results overview: project is currently in beta testing phased with new features being added.


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HEAT's team is an extremely motivated bunch of blockchain experts. At its core, the two founders have a history of fintech innnovation, and launched Finland's 1st crypto, FIMK. Visit and follow us on LinkedIn for more info on the team, the company and related blockchain news and use cases.


In 2016 HEAT Ledger Ltd. released its technology white paper. The document outlines the vision and how it translates in the HEAT technology stack. Check out the full doc here.


HEAT LEDGER LTD. (HL), founded in 2016, is a multinational blockchain software company based in Helsinki, Finland. Our mission is to be recognized among users, developers and organizations as the number one platform to create, manage, store and trade digital assets. HEAT Ledger believes in the concept of decentralization as a way to create a more inclusive and democratic market environment.